Safe Sex Reminders

“Safely own your situation no matter the situation.”

Easier said than done, right? This is why it’s best to cut through the noise of what we’ve been taught about safe sex since we were kids, and simply remind ourselves of the naked truth…


Water washes away our natural lubrication, which only leads to chafing and an uncomfortable sensation during sex. Sadly, it has the same drying effect on condoms... But even if they aren’t known to work well in water, there’s no need to have a dry spell! Take a steamy shower or a hot bath as part of foreplay and, once you’re out of it, get wet in a different way with Durex Play Feel lube and Durex RealFeel™ condoms. While we’re on the topic, chlorine in swimming pools and other disinfectants do kill some bacteria, but you can totally still contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) while having sex in water.


It’s all fun and games until someone’s eyes get hurt! Having car sex in a parking lot or in a public restroom is definitely something worth ticking off your bucket list, but - and it’s a big BUT, play it safe. If a stranger sees you and feels offended, you may be charged for public indecency. Plus, places like toilet cubicles are very unhygienic! Otherwise, getting it on in public is usually a spontaneous decision, so you risk not having condoms on hand which, in turn, puts you at risk of contracting an STI. Call us old-fashioned, but we’re suckers for those spots in (and around) the house that invite us to feel more sensual, more racy and, essentially, more relaxed, knowing the drawer is stocked with Durex Play Cheeky Cherry lube and Durex Extra Safe condoms.


Too few people realise just how common contracting HIV is, and how quickly it can happen! According to a 2018 report by UNAIDS, 7.2 million people in South Africa are now living with this sexually transmitted disease that can’t be cured. If you think about it - you have come far making choices that are in your best interest. So keep on keeping on. It’s really not worth risking your health having unprotected sex when you have already been exposed to what often seems like a recycling of life-saving information. But it really is so simple to remember that safe sex is the best sex. Have you tried Durex Play 2-in-1 Massage pleasure gel and Durex Pleasure Me condoms yet?

All Durex products are dermatologically tested and most Durex lubes are safe to use with Durex condoms - see specific packs for details.